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"Life’s A Bitch" Photographed by Tony Duran Styled by Douglas VanLaningham featuring Erika Linder

Photographer Tony Duran had the opportunity to shoot model Erika Linder and he knew he had to capture the essence of her beauty that is crossing all gender lines and reshaping the ideology of fashion and beauty.  Tony Duran called upon the talents of Stylist Douglas VanLaningham to style the editorial as he knew that Douglas could capture and present Erika in her most organic nature.  If you don’t know who Erika Linder is well get ready to meet your new obsession!  

Erika Linder is quickly becoming a modern day gay iconic model and personality known for her grace and her gender bending modeling.  Erika does menswear modeling but she also kills the femme thing too!  Erika Linder is now the new face of Tom Ford.  Enjoy the editorial spread and get ready to fall in love whether you are a boy or a girl.  Someone once said, “When I was a boy or a girl, I forget which it was so long ago” seems to apply to the direction that Erika is going in.  Simply put Erika is devastating!

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Sarah supports Reproductive Rights (x)

ohmygod, sarah paulson WOULD do a feministing challenge. mmmm

great use of a sweatshirt. damn.

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