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sable-twilight asked: I really like this blog. I was wondering though, would you have any recommendations, ideas or inspirations for people who are a but larger trying to pull off a similar look? Thank you - sable

Wear what makes you happy! I know that’s a really vague answer, but I really do believe that wearing what you ACTUALLY LIKE is super important. You’ve probably heard the rule that “dark clothing is slimming.” But if you have a pair of awesome bleached-out jeans that you love, then it’s silly to throw them out just because the rules say you should. Tomboy femme style is all about playing with (and breaking) the rules, isn’t that right?

So find what works for you and rock it. I found a pic of Queen Latifah wearing a style I wear a lot myself. I’d probably even add an oxford shirt, but I’m a sucker for plaid, and I don’t leave home without it, so there. =P

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